Senseless Things – Compilation Tracks (’88 – ’93)

I had this knocking around my computer for sometime, and could not remember where it was from. I rediscovered the site it was from the excellent Senseless Things Fansite, which is sadly no more.  This has most of the obscure recordings and bootlegs in one place.

This compilation is The Things at their most punk and has a cracking version of The Shadows Apache.

Senseless Things : Compilation Tracks (’88 – ’93)

I’m Moving (flexi)
Low Time (flexi)
(All You’ve Got To Do Is) Stay Together (flexi)
All Over You (Sniffin’ Rock)
Keep On Thinkin’ ‘Bout (bootleg 7″)
When You Let Me Down (bootleg 7″)
I’m Moving (bootleg 7″)
All Over You (bootleg 7″)
Legal Lines (Underground Rockers)
Busload To Bingo (Underground Rockers)
Teenage (Shape Of Things To Hum)
Trevor (Disposable But Happy – [speed corrected])
Break It Away (Pssst)
Remember Me (Submerge)
Kiss and Cuddle (Out Of the Blue)
I Must Be In Love (Rev No. 9)
Apache (Ruby Trax)
Keepsake (demo) (Volume)
Too Much Kissing (live) (Glastonbury)
Keepsake (live) (Great Expectations)
American Dad (live) (Progression)

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