Lush – For Love

Possibly the last great EP from indie stalwarts Lush.  Taken from the Spooky album; the title track is a lovely piece of standard fare, but the rest of the EP is a blinder.  It includes an early version of Starlust, Miki Berenyi’s vocals sound not as assertive as the version that appears on Split.  This gives the song very sweet and twee vocals, contrasted to sassy powerful guitars.

Outdoor Miner is a bold cover of the post-punk Wire classic.  Admittedly the original is a melodic accessible piece, and not as Oi! as some of their other tracks.  Lush take Outdoor Miner and make it warm and feminine .  The last track Astronaut is a whimsical atmospheric delight, gossamer delicate vocals  loosely held together with guitar riffs.

Lush - For LoveLush : For Love

For Love
Outdoor Miner


One thought on “Lush – For Love

  1. “…[L]ast great EP from indie stalwarts Lush” I really can’t agree with that. Full disclosure: I am probably a Lush fanboy, I think they are one of the most underrated bands ever. I thought Split was their masterpiece and that Robin Gutherie’s production was always a little at odds with the Lush sound. Split was closer to what Lush produced live. I thought that as a single For Love was lacking next to Nothing Natural or the De-Luxe EP. Even Hypocrite and the, too long for a, single Desire Lines were better. You’ve only blogged about Spooky which is disappointing for me. I think Spooky, though very good in places, lacks the coherence of Split or Lovelife. Gala, although a compilation, is actually a much better introduction to Lush. IMHO. Great work Russell.

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