Pallow – Confined

If I was to some up this EP from Pallow in a few words, it sounds like they are trying to keep a monstrous beast under control.  Eventhough I am a shoegazer, I love heavy post-rock, Loop and Marychain.  But this has a primal urgency that would stir anyone  From Atlanta Georgia, USA, Pallow label themselves as shoegaze, slowcore and post-rock.  I would say that they are predominantly post–rock, but this maybe something to quiet/loud juxtapositions in the EP.  It draws obvious comparisons with Mogwai in the tracks In Wait and Muted.  It is interspersed with polymetric  drumming, this adds to the intensity of each song.

The last two songs Synthetic Now and Inward show sensitive songwriting combined with crafted melodies, that are intense and subtle at the same time.

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