Slowdive – Morningrise

Morningrise was released before Just for a Day.  It is a simple yet powerful single, and defines the transition between the first two albums.  The vocals are less defined and become just an addition sound to add to mood of the individual song.

The title track shows some more ambient leanings, It would have felt disjointed if  it was included on Just for a Day.  It shows that Slowdive were moving towards a much more atmospheric sound, before the release of the debut.

She Calls was a favourite from their live set.  It is the only Slowdive song that I know with rolling drums.  This contrasts with the shimmering guitars and vocals that are awash with reverb.

Losing Today is Slowdive’s first outing in the more ambient regions of shoegaze.  It is a haunting soundscape, in which Rachel’s vocals are barely audible.  The lyrics, if you can make the out, are melancholic and fraught with depression.

In a corner
She sits and waits
She’s waiting for
Her heart to break
It says it all
Don’t lose today

Slowdive : Morningrise Slowdive.Morningrise.2

She Calls
Losing Today

Interestingly remixing duty on the first two tracks is by Alan Moulder

3 thoughts on “Slowdive – Morningrise

  1. Thanks for this site – I spend hours here! The Morningrise EP was their second release – the album followed after their third EP (Catch The Breeze) .and generally wasn’t quite as ambient as some of the earlier EP tracks which was a shame, but then they were horrendously mismanaged and poorly advised as a band. Glad they’ve got some decent recognition now!

  2. This site takes me back. . . Just a small point of note though: Morningrise, as the commenter above states, was the second Slowdive release after the eponymous first EP. Catch The Breeze EP followed, then the debut album, Just For A Day. I know this because I used to obsess over release dates.

    Sadly, I no longer have most of my records and CDs from this era, though with the help of this blog I’ve been rebuilding my collection and tripping out down memory lane like a proper floppy-haired minstrel. Cheers Russel!

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