Loop – Array 1

ATPREP07-Loop-Array1-COVER1500x1500-560x560Loop is an alternative rock band from South London, that were last active just as I was leaving school.  My introduction to the world of Loop was the Peel Sessions album Wolf Flow.  So 25 years on has last months new material Array 1 set the world alight or not?  This release has had many reviews and was highly anticipated, so I thought I would let you know what I think as a fan that thought that this would never happen.

Right from the start of the opening track Procession the hypnotic repetitive riffs and relentless drumming are straight out of A Gilded Eternity, it is as if nothing has changed except they have cleaned up Robert Hampson’s vocals and have brought them more to the forefront.  Now I realise that since Loop disbanded and fractured into different projects in the early nineties no one has really filled the void.  Many bands have been influenced by them but none have created the dark intensity that was their trademark.

Aphelion swirls heavily with a sonic psychedelic guitar riff that is drenched in feedback.  The vocal effect is very similar to earlier Loop recordings, distorted and echoing.

Drones and music with drones have been getting much reviews in the press.  Especially after the latest Muse album which should really be removed under the Trade Description Act as it was called Drones, the track Coma is a shining example of how drones should sound.  A sparse far-reaching soundscape, modulating and hypnotic.

Radial is a precis for the rest of the EP.  Epically 17 minutes long, that starts with a singular drone builds up to a climax and then recedes back to a drone.


6 thoughts on “Loop – Array 1

  1. yeah, it’s really pretty fantastic. after a few listens you get used to Robert’s adult vocals, I’m sure his lyrics are cool and meaningful once we decipher them, and he’s such an amazing sound sculpture/producer with his Main project and his more recent solo albums, that I feel he’s taken his knowledge of sound/drone and incorporated it into Loop Mach 2 to deliver a piercing, pure future rock sound. Highly recommended! thanks for the review.

  2. We saw them play this a The Garage in London – they were terrible. The whole gig was like a bad karaoke of the original band. gutted. somethings should be left in the 80s.

  3. Just Noticed…
    No mention of ‘MAIN’ or ‘the Hair & Skin Trading co.’ on here…
    Not as good as LOOP but any chance of there stuff????
    Also Loop sometimes tour under the name… Soundheads
    so keep ’em peeled…

  4. OK…. minimalist… Fair call….
    I saw ‘Hair & Skin Trading co’ on there first/second tour, really good live.
    & also for note…. Robert was in Godflesh around late 91/92 (Cold World/Pure) and has played live with them recently quite a bit recently. (youtube it, its good if you like heavy!)

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