Superficial EP

a3028152862_16My inbox is full of bands sending me music and I dutifully listen to it all, but I was really struck on the Superficial sound.  I was amazed that they were relatively unknown and were giving their tracks away for free on bandcamp. Superficial founder is Federico Schmid, it is a experimental and ambient music project.

This is a lo-fi EP, that is conceptual, experimental and excitingly does not nod it’s head to post-rock and stays strictly ambient.

2 thoughts on “Superficial EP

  1. I’m not surprised they are giving this away for free.
    It is shit and the fact that you published it so gushingly makes me wonder why I bother with this blog.
    Please please upload something decent or why bother to upload anything at all.

  2. Dear Peter

    I am sorry that you did not like this, I did and that is why I shared it. This blog points people towards different music, I like to put stuff out by new bands as well as the old stuff

    It is your decision to bother with this blog or not. I have full control over the blog and I decide what goes in it. I am not affiliated to anyone. I could write about Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran and get quadruple the amount of visitors; but the fact is I don’t rate their music, so I don’t. Personally I don’t like the Pale Saints, who are revered throughout shoegazing circles, so I never write about them. Rather than write a piece slagging them off.

    Maybe I need to question my taste in music? I am 40 next month and I might be past it? I am now just a middle-aged saddo trying to be cool? Anyway, please feel free to start your own blog and then you can inflict your musical taste on the public, which is what I do. Russell

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