The Virgance – Paradigm 3

The Virgance - Paradigm (album cover_)The third album from The Virgance is another serene and spectacular sonic outing.  It has been described as experimental drone and ambient but these labels conjure images of records that need multiple listens.  The listener can jump into the cinematic soundscapes from the first hearing.  But after multiple listens you can start to unravel the subtle layers.

The intricate nature of this is shown in the soft intensity of each sonic melody. On first listen I thought that the album was purely instrumental, but Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma has added vocals to the track Down the River.  The vocals have taken shoegaze ethereal lyrics to a different level.  4AD were the vanguard of having unintelligible vocals that you cannot make out the words.  In Down the River it is difficult to recognise the vocal, the voice is used almost like an instrument.

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