Glass Arcade

glass-arcade-sarah DSC_0019Next on the Sarah Records Tour of Bristol, we went in search of the St Nicholas Arcade.  This location was immortalised in the compilation Glass Arcade.  It was easy to find. and when I got there I set about getting a picture.  Unfortunately the market sellers were so pushy I left before I could get a picture of the glass roof.  So the picture I took is of the outside.

Glass Arcade is a 16 song compilation featuring 10 bands (yes, The Field Mice have three songs on this record).  It was the third compilation and the music press scathingly called it a change to a more mature label.  The indiepop fizz had been ditched.

Various Artists : Glass Arcade
The Field Mice – Holland Street
Another Sunny Day – Rio
Eternal – Sleep
The Sweetest Ache – Tell Me How It Feels
The Orchids – Farewell, Dear Bonnie
The Sea Urchins – A Morning Odyssey
The Springfields – Wonder
The Field Mice – So Said Kay
Heavenly – I Fell In Love Last Night
The Orchids – Something For The Longing
Even As We Speak – Goes So Slow
The Field Mice – Quicksilver
Eternal – Breathe
St. Christopher – Salvation
Even As We Speak – Nothing Ever Happens
The Sweetest Ache – If I Could Shine

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