Grabbel and the Final Cut – Electric

a3836965431_16I am temporarily interrupting the Sarah tour of Bristol to enlighten everyone to the latest release by Grabbel and the Final Cut.  It is great they are back in the studio putting out their music.  There previous releases include a live set and an original master tape from 1991.  Electric is a song from the 90’s but rerecorded, and I am enthralled by the big sound that they make; every member of the band contributes to creating a hedonistic wall of sound.

In the New Year, Grabbel and the Final Cut are going to be releasing a single on the 1st of each month and at the end of the year this will be an album of 12 songs.  For those who remember this is very like The Wedding Present’s Hit Parade, a new single every month. Excitingly this is going to be brand new material.


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