Gaol Ferry Bridge

Untitled-1The last stop on the Sarah tour of Bristol was Gaol Ferry Bridge.  Just a short walk from the centre of the city in an area that was having plenty of rejuvenation.  There were other potential areas we could of visited Battery Point which was miles away in Portishead and Air Balloon Road, which once again was away from the city centre.  I did visit the Thekla, which is a former cargo ship moored in Bristol.  It has been converted to a venue and is where Sarah Records threw a massive party when the label folded.


Below left is a jigsaw of Bristol Temple Meads Station and each piece was given away with a single.  Below right is what Temple Meads looks like now.


This ends the Sarah tour of Bristol.  I am planning a trip to Salford Lads Club as my next great indie pilgrimage.

Various Artists : Gaol Ferry Bridge

Even As We Speak – (All You Find Is) Air
Blueboy – Try Happiness
The Sugargliders – Reinventin Penicillin
Heavenly – Atta Girl
Action Painting! – Classical Music
East River Pipe – My Life Is Wrong
The Sugargliders – Ahprahran
Boyracer – I’ve Got It And It’s Not Worth Having
Heavenly – P.U.N.K. Girl
Even As We Speak – Getting Faster
Boyracer – Cog
East River Pipe – Happytown
Blueboy – Air France
Secret Shine – Loveblind
East River Pipe – Helmet On
The Sugargliders – Theme From Boxville

2 thoughts on “Gaol Ferry Bridge

  1. The Thekla is a great little venue. Only been there once (Kristin Hersh, 2007 I think) but was really impressed with it. Apparently it was once owned by Vivian Stanshall of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

  2. thanks for the tour info.. hope you enjoyed it.
    Cool Compilation too… playing it loud at the mo….
    Nice to see a Loop T-shirt in the photo’s
    great band

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