Birdland – Everybody Needs Somebody

The band’s final single, which was not very well received.  John Peel called it, “Birdland by numbers” on Radio 1’s review show. The title track is a quick, sharp Birdland staple tune, but does not have the urgency of their earlier songs.  It slows down a bit for the rest of the EP, which is not really Birdland.  Some reviews suggest that Birdland were trying to create a more mature sound.  Back in 1991 The Manic Street Preachers and Birdland were very similar, yet the Manics’ morphed into a stadium band.  I don’t think Birdland could have pulled this off, even with more varied sources of influence.

Birdland : Everybody Needs SomebodyBirdland+Everybody+Needs+Somebody+509224

Everybody Needs Somebody
Don’t Hang On
Twin Sons
Shoot You Down (Acoustic)

3 thoughts on “Birdland – Everybody Needs Somebody

  1. Nice to read about Birdland again. Would you happen to have the live album they gave out at a gig/gigs. Mine is long gone. From Bath, Moles club if I remember right.

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