My Bloody Valentine – Loom (Live in Vancouver)

Until the reunion shows of 2008, this was the My Bloody Valentine live recording. Easily the most widely circulated and best bootleg. The definitive Loveless era bootleg. This is a soundboard recording on 4th, July 1992 in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

“I wish I was there.” springs to mind when listening to it, this is My Bloody Valentine at the height of their game. The guitars, bass and drums are all really well recorded, but sound rough, these are Loveless tracks performed in the same way as the debut, Isn’t Anything.

You Made Me Realise, the whole 17 minutes and it becomes apparent why they are so important. It sound like something launching from Cape Canaveral, but shows why they made such a difference to modern music.

My Bloody Valentine : Loom (Live in Vancouver)

When You Sleep
I Only Said
Only Shallow
Nothing Much to Lose
You Never Should
Feed Me With Your Kiss
To Here Knows When
Honey Power
You Made Me Realise


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