World of Twist – Quality Street

World of Twist was formed in Shefield in 1985 by guitarist Gordon King and singer Jamie Fry, the brother of Martin Fry of ABC. They relocated to Manchester and rode on the explosion of new bands in the area on the baggy wave.

The 1989 version of World Of Twist featured Tony Ogden (vocalist and co-songwriter), Gordon King (guitar and co-songwriter), and Andrew Hobson (synthesizers), Alan Frost (visual eeffects, synthesizers), featuring the statuesque Julia McShells aka MC Shells (swirls and sea noises) and Angela Reilly (visual effects). Nick Sanderson (drums) joined some time later. The music press revealed that some band members had amusing occupations before they joined the band. These included an Royal Marine and Magicians Assistant. There was a Roxy Music, Human League feel to their music. Tony Ogden was a very charismatic frontman, sort of Leonard Rossiter meets Elvis. He tragically died in July 2006, aged only 44. Their live shows were a spectacle, MC Shells would appear onstage in a shell. Tony would be wrapped in tin foil and would break free during the first song. They would play in front of a revolving wheel. The reissued album features the Stones cover, She’s a Rainbow. This was one of the last songs produced by Martin Hannett, before his death.

World of Twist : Quality Street

Lose My Way
Sons Of The Stage
This Too Shall Pass Away
Jelly Baby
Speed Wine 3
The Lights
On The Scene
The Spring
The Storm
She’s A Rainbow
Life And Death (Extended Mix)

More recently artist Jeremy Deller was asked to create something for the Manchester International Festival.  He chose a procession to celebrate the World of Twist. He advertised for fans to take part in the procession.



One thought on “World of Twist – Quality Street

  1. Glad to see WOT getting recognised for the fantastic band they were. One small gripe is the ” The reissued album features the Stones cover, She’s a Rainbow.” I bought the album when it was originally released and it had the song on it, and a damn fine cover it was.
    If interested you should (if you haven’t already) check out Earl Brutus & the Pre-New, both keep the anarchic pop spirit of WOT alive, thank christ someone does.

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