Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – God Fodder

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin was very popular in the early nineties, and forerunners of the grebo scene. Much maligned by the music press and trendy sorts. They had 86 different t-shirt designs to their name. So it was not uncommon to spot a Ned’s t-shirt around.

Very overlooked considering that their releases were solid.  God Fodder, their first major and best release.  It is an extremely catchy album with lyrics about being a teenager.  It includes the head waggingly good singles; Happy, Kill Your Television and Grey Cell Green.  They were lumped in with other bands with ridiculous haircuts such as Pop Will Eat Itself, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine and were also likened to the more sensibly styled Jesus Jones.

In an era where grunge was king, Ned’s went the pure power pop route. Kill Your Television a pogoing anthemic classic with a chorus to be shouted.  The guitar sound was unique as there were two bassists, one taking on the normal bass lines, the other adding bass melodies, creating a wall of noise. So grab your size XL F£ %king F*^k t-shirt, baggy shorts and ridiculous haircut and give it a go.

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin : God FodderNed's_Atomic_Dustbin-God_Fodder

Kill Your Television
Less Than Useful
Grey Cell Green
Cut Up
Throwing Things
Capital Letters
Your Complex
Nothing Like
Until You Find Out
What Gives My Son?

2 thoughts on “Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – God Fodder

  1. I had a black long-sleeved tee with a yellow Neds logo. One of my faves, that one. I still put the odd track from this album on a random playlist for the car. What Gives My Son? remains a corker!

  2. Very overlooked & Under rated album……
    It rocked!!!!!!
    I remember dancing like a drunken idiot ( and i probably was!!!) to tunes off this album
    at Nottingham Rock-city when i was a teen….. Ah!…..great days!!!!
    It still stands when you crank it!!!
    A bit of a student classic me thinks!!!!!

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