Revolver – I Wear Your Chain

The finale from the Winchester/London trio, before they were unceremoniously ejected from their record label the Virgin subsidiary, Hut Records. This was after the single failed to get into the top 75, and the band split shortly after. The fact that they were all pursuing academic careers could have added to this speedy departure.

Towards the the end of there career they were subjected to the shoegazing backlash. They were completely slated by the music press in live reviews:

Reading Festival review: Melody Maker “… quick, call the taste police …”

Live Review, November 1991, Melody Maker: “Revolver are better than Blur. There´s really not a fat lot else to say about them right now.”

Live Review, May 1992, NME: “The haircut gives the game away as surely as the band name. Revolver are precocious ’60s pillagers, rifling through the past in the hope of creating something worthwhile for the future. It’s an old scam that doesn’t always work. While Spitfire manage to pull it off with a heady live show, flushed with cocky verve and raging tunes, Revolver find themselves shooting blanks over and over.”

The I Wear Your Chain EP is not Revolver’s best effort, it is not a great swansong. It sounds very much like Thousand Yard Stare but not quite as good.

Revolver : I Wear Your Chain

I Wear Your Chain (Screaming Mix)
Carry Me Away
Bottled Out (Acoustic)


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