Manon Meurt

Manon Meurt 4Manon Meurt are probably the first Czech Republic shoegaze band I have come across.  Apparently it has a thriving scene there. The dream pop quartet are Vojtech Pejša (guitar, vocals), Káta Elznicová (vocals, guitar), Jirí Bendl (drums) and Jana Karlíková (bass guitar).

They have just re-released their debut EP.  This was a self titled and self released record that was only available in their native country in 2014.  I was really surprised at the maturity and the well defined musical direction for their first record. but they have been playing since 2010 as Katie & The Accessories.

There is quite a mixed bag of songs. The first two sings are propelled by the insistent rhythm section.  To Forget has reverb drench guitars perched on top of the thumping drums, Glowing Cityscape has bold riffs with body and beautiful vocals.  ‘94 and Until You Can have a dark minimalism that is very reminiscent of The Cranes.  Both songs are slower but the latter culminates into a distortion saturated climax.  The last song Blue Bird is their epic closer slowly building up to to a heady finale


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