The House of Love – Babe Rainbow

It was not until late 1991 The House of Love resurfaced with a new single, the classic The Girl With the Loneliest Eyes. A beautiful plaintive song about unrequited love.  Then the wait was until mid 1992 for Feel and You Don’t Understand (which was the closest the band came to rock), all painfully not breaking into the top 40.  They were all fantastic singles but were not instant classics such as Shine On and I Don’t Know Why I Love You.

On this note Babe Rainbow was released to a public that had outgrown them. The album may have been too subtle?  Yet they were trying to to have a heavier sound, but this was very delicate if you compared them to Nirvana.  The public may have boycotted the album due to the absence of Terry Bickers? Or it maybe that the album is very difficult to pigeonhole?  It could be that they were no longer on an indie label. Why this masterpiece has gone unnoticed is a mystery.

It has all the features that you would expect from the House of Love, well crafted songs, beautiful lyrics that are their own stories.  It was just out of time, I liked it at the time and I like it even more now.  I think that I was yearning the fragile melodies of the debut, when this was released.

Personally I feel that The House of Love have never had a bad release ever.

The House of Love : Babe Rainbow

You Don’t Understand
Crush Me
High In Your Face
Fade Away
Girl With The Loneliest Eyes
Burn Down The World
Philly Phile
Yer Eyes

4 thoughts on “The House of Love – Babe Rainbow

  1. Great album. Think the lack of recognition can be attributed to (as so often) the NME, who mocked Chadwick’s writers block, and subsequent over-enthusiastic approach to this album – turning up at NMEHQ with the songs saying it was the best thing he’d ever done. He was largely right, they were largely wrong. The first glimpse of these songs at the Radio 1 gig broadcast from the ICA proved the potential from the off. Criminally forgotten.

  2. Completely agree with you Russell. Babe Rainbow is a really, really good record and sadly overlooked. I always loved Feel, You Don’t Understand and Cruel. Like you, I’m not sure why the media/fans turned their collective backs on them. It’s a fickle business, music.

  3. This is a lost classic, so thank you for giving it the attention it deserves. “The Girl with the Loneliest Eyes” is perfect, among their best songs, and the whole album is very cohesive from start to finish. There was so much great music at that time, it was hard for lots of bands to stand out.

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