Senseless Things – Homophobic Asshole

Senseless Things are probably the only band ever to play at Southampton’s Eastpoint Centre,  this is were I saw them on the Everybody’s Gone tour in June 1991.  Homophobic Asshole is the second single from 1993’s Empire Of The Senseless.  It received promising reviews but was released reluctantly by their record company due to the band’s choice of title.   It failed to chart because of this, their last two singles Hold it Down and Easy to Smile made it into the top 20.  I had always thought that this was an early single as it sounds full of punk rage.

This is the digipak single which is the the only one which contains Homophobic Asshole (No F**ks Radio Edit)

R-1210486-1205435392.jpegSenseless Things : Homophobic Asshole

Homophobic Asshole
Body Bag
Just Flirting
Homophobic Asshole (No F**ks Radio Edit)


4 thoughts on “Senseless Things – Homophobic Asshole

  1. Eastpoint Centre had a bit of a run of gigs in the early 90s. I saw Senseless Things support locals The Cropdusters and then return to headline later. The only other band with a national profile I can remember playing there was Flowered Up.

  2. My fave Senseless Things track this. I remember buying it (having not heard it) and being blasted into the middle of the following week as it played. The fury was evident, the message couldn’t have been stronger. Brilliant tune.

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