Throwing Muses – Hunkpapa

We are not afraid of controversy here at ‘I was a Teenage Shoegazer’.  So once again I am going to stick my neck out and stick up for a universally panned album.  I was lent this album at school.  A friend borrowed my Charlatans tape, and I asked if he had any good indie albums?  He said that his sister had a Throwing Muses album, so I asked if he could do me a copy.

This is often seen as a glitch in the Muses’ catalogue .  The production has allegedly stifled and muted the songs.  Is this another example of 4AD interfering with the production, like they did in Lush’s Spooky.  But probably 4AD were only the UK distribution, and it was Sire that were at the forefront of production.

There are some classic Muses’ songs here Devil’s Head, Dizzy and  Fall Down. These songs are very different to each other.

Many have made known there disapproval of the use of horns in Hunkpapa.  I have listened to the album extensively and the horns are not jumping out at me.  There is a slight brass section in Take, but that is in keeping with everything going on in the song.

Throwing Muses : Hunkpapa

Devil’s Roof
No Parachutes
Say Goodbye
Fall Down
I’m Alive
The Burrow


3 thoughts on “Throwing Muses – Hunkpapa

  1. With you all the way, Russell. This was the first Muses album I heard and I worked backwards from there. It doesn’t sound like any other Muses album, almost country-ish in places, and it’s probably their most accessible, though the songs are still f*cked up enough to keep the mainstream at bay.

    I saw them support R.E.M. during the ‘Green Tour’ in 1989 and they were absolutely phenomenal. Had they been supporting anyone but R.E.M. they would have stolen the show. ‘Hunkpapa’ isn’t my fave Muses record, but it’s one of my faves. I can understand how people would have been shocked by the way it sounded, but it’s not a poor record by any standard.

  2. one of the first muses I bought. One of their best in my opinion. Real ramona is probably their most accessible but I think hunkpapa has got a great balance with catchy stuff like dizzy and still some intensity with songs like mania. I love it.

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