Stella Diana – Nitocris

Italian shoegaze outfit that transports the listener to dark drone new wave 80s.  But it is not all about moping around in your long coat, there are glorious psychedelic guitar sweeps.  They wear their influences on their sleeve with a song titled Psychedelic Furs.

The album is named after an ancient Egyptian queen and the last Pharaoh of the Sixth Dynasty, Nitocris. Apparently very beautiful. The album artwork defines the album’s title – an abandoned woman, who is beautiful, but sad and suffering. Ethereal and elusive, without a face.

“It’s likely that “she” did not exist in native Egyptian inscriptions,” comments Stella Diana frontman Dario Torre. “This ‘not existing’ thing is very interesting and fascinating. Often you do something, you live, you breathe, you work hardly, you love. Nevertheless, for the people you don’t exist.”

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