The Dylans – Spirit Finger

The Dylans were named after the rabbit in the Magic Roundabout, not Mr Zimmerman. I have only recently discovered this fact, for years I thought the name was a tribute to dear Bob. After their eponymous debut album they looked for a different direction for their new album. Gone is the hallmark wah and organ (it is there but in the background).

The whole psychedelic sixties feeling has been stripped away. This is not to say that it is a bad album, I think that another album like the first would have been too much. They would of been branded a sort of novelty band. Spirit Finger didn’t fare too well. Subsequently they were dropped by Beggars Banquet Records.

The Dylans : Spirit Fingerdylans405633

Children Of The Flame
Kill Rave
Just One Big Plastic Hassle
Hell No
Smarter Than You
I’ll Be Back To Haunt You
Wise Bird
Live In The Now
How Little You Know
Get It Together
Two Tomorrows

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