Thousand Yard Stare – Mappamundi

Mappamundi is unlike the debut and anything else that they did before. It became the quirky Slough Student shoegazers parting shot. They would of undoubtedly carried on if the album had been a success, and if the album wasn’t so poorly received they would not of been dropped by Polydor.

Despite having a huge live following, they had become complacent after early success. Mappamundi lacks the freshness and spontaneity of early work. The content is a psychedelic journey rather than dealing with everyday quirks, Their quirkiness was epitomised by the classic 0-0 A.E.T. (No Score After Extra Time). It was definitely a new direction for Thousand Yard Stare and I think that was very brave. Just think if My Bloody Valentine never experimented with reverse reverb and soundscapes, they would be just a second rate Marychain clone.

Thousand+Yard+Stare+Mappamundi+393572Thousand Yard Stare : Mappamundi

Version Of Me
God’s P45
Tragedy No. 6
One And All
Small Change
Monsieur Bour And His Goat
Naturesway (Earthwatching)
What’s Your Level ?
Downtown Mystic


One thought on “Thousand Yard Stare – Mappamundi

  1. Haven’t heard this for years – long since traded it in – but it seems they just winged it in the studio. I was lucky enough to (be bothered to overcome my nostalgia/reunion fears to) catch their recent gig at Sleazy’s in Glasgow and it was really good, maybe my favourite of the year. Stephen Barnes is a surprisingly and somewhat concerning stage presence – ‘mad man ranting into space outside Woolworths’ springs to mind – certainly enough to impress this jaded ‘seen it all before’ punter. Otherwise the band were sharp and sounded energetic and hungry. Somewhat tellingly only Version Of Me and What’s Your Level? from this album got an outing, and the album itself was described as having sold ‘4 copies’ on stage. I managed to catch SB afterwards and put in a good word for considering an outing for the sublime Naturesway should they gig around again. He told me they finished recording the second record and he left the recording studio and left the band, that was it for him….

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