Midway Still – Dial Square

Midway Still had a brief period of popularity after the decline of baggy. Vaguely sounding like US counter parts Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, and Neil Young.  Strangely, these comparisons did not help them attract any interest from the followers of the grunge scene.

The NME stated that Midway Still had the most boring logo and ran a competition for readers to design a new logo. The winning entry was a design based on the Converse All-Star logo. Except it said ,’Midway Still’, and amusingly where Chuck Taylor was written on the Converse logo the winning logo said ‘Chuck Off’.  I met Paul Thomson from Midway Still a few years back and asked him if he had any of the Converse logo t-shirts, but he said that ebay would be the only place to get them.

Dial Square is beautiful poppy punk without a grebo aftertaste, the songs have aged well and I am probably enjoying them much more now.

Midway Still : Dial Square

Better Than Before
Me In You
Making Time
Killing Time
Come Down
Make A Start
What You Said
Brand New


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