The Belltower – Popdropper

Although not strictly in the shoegazing scene, The Belltower are always associated with the genre. They were American, their music was upbeat and you could make out the vocals. So you can see why the jury’s out if they are shoegazers. I was fortunate enough to see them in the Chapterhouse, Five Thirty and The Belltower tour. In the excitement of the evening I couldn’t remember much about them. Only later on after getting the album I really appreciated them.

Popdropper is their only album and it thankfully showcases what The Belltower is all about. It is mainly
based around the talented vocals of Britta Phillips. Britta was the singing voice over of holographic cartoon female vocalist Jem which appeared in a cartoon series in 1985.  I do get transported back to 1985 in songs like Slipstream because she sounds so Kim Wilde.

The Belltower : Popdropper

In Hollow
One Dimensional
Too Late
Outshine The Sun
Eyes On The Time
Plastic Man


3 thoughts on “The Belltower – Popdropper

  1. Crumbs, I had this record and completely forgot! I also had a couple of EPs by them, the ones with Outshine The Sun and Flight on them. Be good to hear this again – always thought Outshine The Sun was a great pop tune.

  2. I had a promo CD of this one. I remember thinking that “Slipstream” sounded like it was heavily influenced by Raise-era Swervedriver, right down to some of the vocal melody and delivery.
    I haven’t heard it in a couple decades, though.

  3. Just re-discovered this band now for the Third time.
    Classic album & i keep coming back for more. ‘In Hollow’ is my fave.
    a mix of swervedriver, sonic youth and others… Its shoegaze to me.
    If you have any of the ep’s, please upload them.
    Classic tunes that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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