Jesus and Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead

This came out in what I fondly remember as the golden era in indie music 1992. I remember watching the charts to see if Reverence made it in the top 40. Often wondering how the radio stations were going to cope with lyrics like, ‘I wanna die just like JFK, I wanna die on a sunny day.’ It got into the top 10, banned from Radio 1 and Top of the Pops.

It has much more venom than the previous album Automatic, it spits out bile. It is a real grab you by the throat album. Teenage Lust has a bass line that reverberates in your spine. Catchfire is drenched in feedback, and when you think they can’t saturate it in anymore. The song goes to another level in feedback. These two songs capture the very heavy slow burners that appear alongside, feedback infested pop such as Far Gone and Out and Tumbledown.  There are moments that could be straight out of Darklands such as Almost Gold.  I am not sure why but Sugar Ray reminds me of Automatic, this could possibly be because  the previous album contained the similarly titled songs UV Ray and Sunray.

Jesus and Mary Chain : Honey’s Dead

Teenage Lust
Far Gone And Out
Almost Gold
Sugar Ray
Good For My Soul
I Can’t Get Enough


One thought on “Jesus and Mary Chain – Honey’s Dead

  1. A brilliant album this. Like you said, it’s an angry record but also one of their more accessible. A strange contradiction of an album but, for me anyway, one of their best. Reverence remains my fave JAMC track.

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