Revolver – Cold Water Flat

Revolver are arguably the most southern shoegazing band. Formed in London but two of the trio where from Winchester, which is about as close as my home town on the south coast  as the shoegaze scene got to. Their first album Baby’s Angry was a collection of early releases (very typical of indie bands in the early nineties). This had fey vocals and a barrage of effects laden guitars.

Cold Water Flat by comparison is a very BIG album, lots of production and a barrage of instruments mostly played by Mat Flint . They wanted to make an epic. This was very brave for their proper debut album. The first single of the album was Cradle Snatch this caused a minor disturbance in the music press for allegedly ripping off The Verve. There is no denying that it sound like Storm in Heaven era The Verve. By the time Cold Water Flat hit the shelves in 1993 the whole shoegazing scene was in decline. The only other release after was I Wear Your Chain, this also failed to get Revolver noticed outside select indie circles. At this point they called it a day and gave up.  Matt Flint (vocals/guitar) went on to take up bass duties with Death in Vegas.

r-732041-1154022907-jpegRevolver – Cold Water Flat

Cool Blue
Cradle Snatch
I Wear Your Chain
Nothing Without You
Bottled Out
Coming Back
Cold Water Flat
Makes No Difference All The Same


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