The Wedding Present – Going, Going…


The Wedding Present graced Exeter this week.  They were due to play The Cavern, but that venue is closed at the moment due to a fire that happened there back in September.  So they played the larger capacity Lemongrove, which suited them better.  When I arrived at ‘the Lemmy’, I spotted David Gedge at the t-shirt stand, and managed to get a selfie with him.

This was my third Wedding Present gig and I have to say surprisingly the best one yet.  The previous times I had felt that the gigs were ok but they were hardly going to attract any new fans.  Everything that is good about The Wedding Present shone through that night, the wit and wry observations about life.  A friend of mine who also attended, said that it was the best gig that they had done in years.  He had been following The Wedding Present since C86, and probably has everything they have released as The Wedding Present and Cinerama.

The album Going, Going… really threw me on the first listen.  It is a whopping 20 track beast.  The first 4 tracks are instrumental with minimal vocals, I was looking around wild-eyed thinking that ‘the Weddoes’ had gone Mogwai.  The rest of the the album is more conventional Gedge lyrical observations.

After reading reviews of Going, Going… from other notable blogs , it has been accused of having filler in it’s 20 tracks.  I would be inclined to believe this, but some of the tracks that they say are filler are my favorites.  I came to the conclusion that it was machine gun technique, if you fire enough bullets something’s going to hit.  This is a slightly unfair view as this is my favorite album they have done since Seamonsters, and that came out 25 years ago.


One thought on “The Wedding Present – Going, Going…

  1. I saw them earlier this year playing ‘Going Going’ from start to finish. It was one of the bravest moves Gedge has made – it’s not your regular Weddoes album.

    By the way, the Wedding Present were my first ever gig – Great Hall, Exeter Uni, October 1988. Now they’re playing the Lemon Grove. Doesn’t seem right, does it?

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