Jesus Jones – The Next Big Thing (CD1)

I might have an ‘I was a Teenage Shoegazer’ exclusive! I have it on good authority that Jesus Jones started life as the Hillmen in Tony Hill & the Hillmens. Tony was a character who lived in Devizes (just 13 miles away from Jesus Jones in Bradford-on-Avon) and the band released a handful of singles such as Cuckoo Clock, I am a Pirate King and Terry Wogan’s Party. These were all released on the Blue Hat Record Label in Wiltshire. I am a Pirate King sold 11 copies and thankfully Jesus Jones went their own way. I cannot find any information to back up this story. I am expecting an email from Mike Edwards saying that this is complete rubbish and please remove this post.
I remember buying the The Next Big [CD1] because at the time I did not have the album Doubt and the b-sides had a couple of the hits from that album like; Right Here Right Now and Who? Where? Why?  It also has the track Idiot Stare which is from the 1993 album Perverse. The creatively titled The Next Big Thing [CD2] features unreleased b-sides.

They hope to have an album out this spring and you can pre-order it via Pledge Music.

Jesus Jones : The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing
Right Here Right Now
Who? Where? Why? (1997 Remix)
Idiot Stare


4 thoughts on “Jesus Jones – The Next Big Thing (CD1)

  1. I’d be incredibly interested to know if this is the case. A rare find, if so! Well done. I only know of two previous bands with the Joneses, Camouflage and Big Colour (NOT ‘The Great Commandment’ Camouflage; a different one). I’ve never found any of their work under those names though.

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