The Real People

Critically acclaimed yet still obscure, and they have been around in the background forever. My first
introduction to the Real People was their brilliant psychedelic single Open Up your Mind (Let Me In). It
was one of the only records in my collection that was from a major label.  They consisted of  Tony Griffiths (bass guitar, vocals), Chris Griffiths (guitar, vocals), Martin Lappin (guitar) and Tony McGuigan (drums) formed in Liverpool in 1988.

Despite being signed to a CBS they failed to gain widespread recognition. They deserved it too. Sounding like sixties merseybeat with a bit of Britpop. When the album came out it hit number 59 for one week. the Real People said it was lack of promotion by their record company. Shortly after the album was released they were dropped by CBS.

They went into hiding until the mid-nineties when they came back with their own record label.  They have been credited with helping Oasis with their rise to fame.  Tony Griffiths is credited with providing vocals on Supersonic on Definitely Maybe. Chris Griffiths also co-wrote Rockin’ Chair with Noel Gallagher in 1993. This was released as the B-side to the single of Roll with It in 1995.

The Real People : The Real People mi0002512568

Window Pane
I Can’t Wait
For You
The Truth
Everyday’s The Same
Open Up Your Mind (Let Me In)
She 4
In Your Hands
Looking At You
Another Day


One thought on “The Real People

  1. Thanks Russel, this is a part of music history that I did not know. Listening to their main song “Open Up your Mind (Let Me In)”, there is something very Oasis in the composition and even some stone roses tones in the voice. A credit to them. An interesting documentary was done on the topic and can be found there:

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