Ocean Colour Scene – Do Yourself a Favour

I really loved the first few EPs that OCS did, and still consider them to be their finest work.  These are colossal tracks that never really transpired to a long player.  Unfortunately artistic clashes with their label caused the debut album to be a watered down flop.  This is probably why they tend to ignore this period, and it was not very commercially successful.    Thankfully Ocean Colour Scene have released an Anthology which includes all singles and b-sides. Otherwise those gems would of been lost forever.  It was only Yesterday Today that made any inroads in the charts, a weak number 49.

Do Yourself a Favour originally is a Stevie Wonder track with a really filthy funky guitar/organ riff, and Ocean Colour Scene maintain the 70s funky feel but in a Led Zeppelin style rather than Motown.  The Seventh Floor continues the 70s feel and I feel that the first two songs pave the way for Moseley Shoals.  Even at these early stages the production is crystal clear and can have a negative effect, sounding like a group of session musicians rather than a band.  Their rise to fame could be attributed that they became a more cohesive unit in the mid-90s

Ocean Colour Scene : Do Yourself a Favour

r-1814117-1245091036-jpegDo Yourself a Favour
The Seventh Floor
Patsy In Green
Suspended Motion

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