See See Rider – Dust Rocks & Flakes

The unfinished and unreleased album that See See Rider were working on when Lazy Records folded in 1991.  They were then snapped up by Elektra Records, and there was hope that this album might see the light of day. Unfortunately an onstage bust up, that included a brawl, ended everything.  Drummer Pete Tweedie left and the band split up. Bassist Phil King joined Lush and was a touring bassist with the Jesus and Mary Chain.

It’s a shame that this album was left on the shelf.  This shows the potential of a greatly underrated band. It is a bit Birdland and The Primitives (Tweedie used to be in The Primitives).  It sounds raw and rough, that might be to do with it being unfinished. I like to think that the later work of See See Rider would be a bit more caustic.

See See Rider : Dust Rocks & Flakes

Crystal Springs
She Sings Alone
Sucking Fruit
Do Rider
White Flake Elite
Easy Love
Three Whale Trip
Even Cowgirls
Stolen Heart


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