Birdland – Live

A freebie LP single sided and recorded at the Moles Club, Bath on the 11th September 1989 .  This was given away to gig ticket holders during the band’s October tour.  It defines the raw energy and chaotic live performances.  I never saw Birdland they appeared at Southampton University just before I really got into going to gigs.  In the NME back in 1994 they asked indie luminaries about their best gig they saw, James Dean Bradfield from the Manic Street Preachers said that the best gig he saw was Birdland.

12/01/90 – Town Hall, Maesteg, Wales: “It was on the ‘Sleep With Me’ tour. Not many people turned up: there must have been about 150 there. They just started smashing everything up, and beating up the security in front of hysterical screaming kids. It was just great: I felt a bit like Joe Strummer seeing the Sex Pistols or something … not quite that far maybe, but it but it made me feel like I wasn’t so far out of place. We used to play in our school shirts and things and it gave us the confidence to think that if we got any shit, we were still cool.” [James Dean Bradfield, Manic Street Preachers; ‘Best Gig I Ever Saw’ NME, 10 September 1994] (Note: according to one-time Birdland associate … the Manics were big-time Birdland fans, following them to shows and pestering for autographs)

Birdland : Live

See No Evil
Hollow Heart
Gotta Getaway
Sugar Blood
Rock ‘n’ Roll Nigger


2 thoughts on “Birdland – Live

  1. I saw Birdland at the Lemon Grove in Exeter. I went with someone I shouldn’t have, but I was besotted with her. It didn’t end well. So much so, I’ve almost erased the memory of that show from my mind.

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