Mark Goodier’s Evening Session

The show ran on Radio 1 between 1990 to 1993, until it was revamped and presented by Steve Lamacq and Jo Wiley.  It was Mark Goodier that built the show into the indie safe haven.  There was not much on the Radio at the time it was launched.  John Peel had moved to the ridiculously late weekend stint, and the only other programme of note was Hit the North presented by Mark Radcliffe.  Irritatingly Hit the North was only available in medium wave on Radio 5.

Monday to Thursday, 7.30pm till 9pm was Mark Goodier’s Evening Session.  Which showcased new indie and alternative talent.  Mark came across a bit Smashie and Nicey.  This partly because he was born in Zimbabwe, and his accent remind me of the quasi-Australian accent of Nicey, and because he sounded so enthusiastic.  This is not a bad trait, as it would be annoying if he had a dead pan voice.

Steve Lamacq did the Evening Session he had more indie credibility, but in this golden age of alternative music his role was at the NME.  Lamacq is often idolised for his work at Radio 1.  I seem to remember him raving about unsigned Bis appearing on Top of the Pops, and that this was the most indie thing that ever happened.     I really don’t know if Goodier was really into the scene.  I always thought of him as a UB40 fan.  He did sometimes play the same song twice in a row, because he enjoyed it so much.

The Best of the Mark Goodier Radio 1 Sessions, Vol. 1

Hearts ‘N’ Minds – The Farm
Someone to Blame – Jesus Jones
Sally Anne – Milltown Brothers
Oh Yes – Angels, Paris
I Believe – EMF
Chlorine Dream – Spirea X
Stars – Poppy Factory
Wake Up Dreaming – Birdland
Wonderful – Real People
Don’t Let That Man – Banderas
Walk Your Way – Linden Tree
Ocean Wide – The Dylans
You’re a Rose – Fatima Mansions
Breather – Chapterhouse
Michael – Frank & Walters
Oh No Won’t D0 – Cud
(No One) Not Even the Rain – The Charlatans


4 thoughts on “Mark Goodier’s Evening Session

  1. Funny you should say that – I always thought Goodier was a bit of a fake, like he was offered the ‘cool’ slot by the Radio 1 bosses and he couldn’t turn it down despite being far more at home presenting Top Of The Pops. Some good stuff on this album though.

  2. I felt that way too, so I never made an effort to listen to him. Shame really, cos if that disc is anything to go by he was breaking bands that wouldn’t have much of an outlet anywhere else.
    Re Hit The North, I seem to remember Radcliffe had a series/occasional show called Out On Blue Six on R1 sometime before he got the 10 o’clock show with Lard. Mondays at 9, as I remember it, he would play more avant-garde and prog material.

  3. Regardless of our opinion(s) of Mark Goodier, there’s no denying that lots of great bands – many of them Peel-endorsed – recorded sessions for R1’s evening segment (for Janice Long and Richard Skinner as well) – that have been unfairly ignored and consigned to the dustbin of broadcast history because they weren’t recorded for Saint John’s show. It’s a real shame. 😦

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