Slowdive – Slowdive

After reading dozens of different reviews (which were all different), I took the plunge and got the new Slowdive album.  Their first album since disbanding 22 years ago after allegedly Oasis asked Alan McGee to drop them.  My first impression is that it blends the shoegaze earlier style with their ambient leanings of their latter work.

Initially I thought there was a lack of delicate gossamer, and celestial harmonies. The harmonies in Everyone Knows, are lost in the guitars.  Go Get It is my least favourite track, it sounds messy.  Slowdive usually have something that pulls the chaos together like a vocal harmony or a cello.

It took a few listens to the album for it to not sound so heavy.  There is a post-rock feel to the album, and particularly in the song No Longer Making Time, with the quiet-loud-quiet format.  Star Roving is the stand out song on the album that gets everything right, and would be easily included on a Slowdive greatest hits album.  I am pleased that they have returned with an album that is not a change in direction, layers of reverb at the forefront.

It is a worthy addition to the Slowdive discography that enhances a glorious back catalogue.


2 thoughts on “Slowdive – Slowdive

  1. Saw them at the Majestic in Detroit a couple weeks back. Much like Dead Can Dance, I was pleased to see them rejoin and tour, enabling me to actually see them live (after first believing I lost that opportunity in the 90s).

    The new album is solid and flows well; although there isn’t ‘that track’ that really pulls me in like 40 Days or When the Sun Hits. Still, it’s been great gathering new material from groups like Slowdive, Ride, Lush and Suede in recent years. And all of them came through with good releases.

    Speaking of releases, would love if Slowdive commercially released an album of old demos that never saw the light of day (only found on YouTube), with tracks like Summer Day, Hide Yer Eyes, Bleed, etc.

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