The Charlatans – Over Rising

The high point in The Charlatans career was the time just in between Some Friendly and Between 10th and 11th. The Stone Roses were locked in battle with Silvertone Records and the Happy Mondays were on course for self destruction. At this time The Charlatans seemed to be the brightest hope.

Over Rising
grooves around the organ and piano chords. With some great guitar sounds thrown in. The whole delivery is laid back and funky, including Tim Burgess’s vocals. In contrast Way Up There, shows that Tim’s vocals have much more range and feeling. This song is built around the drums rather than piano and organ.

Happen to Die
really stands out to me as a catchy song. I am not sure why? I think it is the way it builds up with the lyrics adding tension. Then when it gets to the chorus it sounds really cheerful, despite the serious message.

If you happen to die I wont be there,
If you happen to leave then in order to remain there,
Would you do the same on me?

Opportunity Three
is Flood’s reworking of Opportunity. A heavily layered baggy, ambient and psychedelic
song. It is a big tune that rises and falls for over 7 minutes. The EP shows that The Charlatans had settled
and had become more distinctive with their sound, and become groovier at the same time.

The Charlatans : Over Rising

Over Rising
Way Up There
Happen To Die
Opportunity Three


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