Lupine Howl – 125

Jason Pierce in his most Mark E Smith moment sacked; Sean Cook, Mike Mooney, and Damon Reece in 1999.  They promptly formed their own psychedelic outfit, Lupine Howl.  Despite having the artistic freedom now, the EP sounds remarkably like Spiritualized, particularly in Tired and Swell.  My favourite track  is Vaporizer, which sounds like a 90s Spencer Davis Group.  Bronzage is a darkly psychedelic funk track, really this should have been the sound that Lupine Howl focused on.  They could of sounded like Parliament with Bobby Gillespie style weedy vocals, but there was only flashes of this throughout the EP.

Indie Trivia fact: 125 refers to the Intercity 125 that went into service on the London to Bristol route in 1976.  Bristol was where Lupine Howl set up camp.  There is an Intercity 125 pictured on the EP cover. Capable of speeds in excess of 125 mph, this train broke the British speed record that had been held since 1938 by the legendary Mallard, the steam locomotive featured on the cover of Blur’s Modern Life Is Rubbish.

Lupine Howl : 125

Mexican Cantina
Voodoo Raygun


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