The Beta Band – The Three E.P.s

The Three E.P.s is a compilation of The Beta Band’s first three EPs (Champion Versions, The Patty Patty Sound and Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos),  which were all limited edition releases between 1997-98. It showcased the eclectic sound of the Beta Band; indie rock, electronica, and Brit-pop.

Formed in Edinburgh, the Beta band started life as; vocalist Stephen Mason, drummer Robin Jones, and DJ/sampler John Maclean.  Later on they recruited bassist Richard Greentree.  The Beta Band attracted interest by their manager Brian Cannon, who designed most of Oasis’s sleeves up till that point.  Their first EP was mixed by the Verve’s Nick McCabe.

The album is name-checked in the John Cusack film (of the Nick Hornby book) High Fidelity, ”I will now sell five copies of The Three EPs by The Beta Band.” I brought the album on the strength of one track.  ”She’s the One” is a great song unlike anything else I have ever heard they speed up the vocals at the end. There is a didgeridoo playing in the background, classic.

The Beta Band : The Three E.P.s

Dry The Rain 
I Know
B + A
Dogs Got A Bone
Inner Meet Me
The House Song
She’s The One
Push It Out
It’s Over
Dr. Baker
Needles In My Eyes


2 thoughts on “The Beta Band – The Three E.P.s

  1. It was great that they collected the ltd EPs on one CD, first heard “Dry The Rain” on The Evening Session and have fond memories of Mary Annes Hobbs introducing tracks from “Los Amigos del Beta Bandidos”! Totally different from anything else around at the time (except perhaps Beck).

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