Alpha Stone – Stereophonic Pop Art Music

After the Darkside’s demos for their third album were turned down, Situation Two Records dropped them. Pete Bain (aka Bassman) formed a new band Alpha Stone.  They sounded like a mixed bag of Bain’s previous outfits, and other Spacemen 3 splinter bands.  A more accessible Spacemen 3, still sounding garagey like The Darkside but not as much fuzz with a bit of Spiritualized and some ambient Spectrum thrown in. This may sound derogatory, but this forms the ingredients for a good band.

Special One is the standout track this is because it is more upbeat than the rest of the album and it is the most garage fuzz. Farmer C and Astro sound like that they should be on Spectrum’s Forever Alien which came out a year later, Astro sounds like Octal – Falling Without Reference which was used on Sonic Boom’s Mary Anne Hobbs Breezeblock in 1998.

Alpha Stone : Stereophonic Pop Art Music

Special One 
Destiny Angel
Farmer C
Fall On Me
A Hard Day’s Fun
Martian Interlude


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