Spitfire – Sex Bomb

This is the debut album by the Crawley retro garage band. I put off having this album for a long time because I had all the EPs. The most impressive songs on the album are from the EPs but just to be a completist I got Sex Bomb too. I prefer the Free Machine EP version of Wild Sunshine, but I think that this is only because I have listened to the Free Machine EP more. The album is one to listen to rather than having the instant exuberance of the EPs. Womb Child on Sex Bomb is a slower more thoughtful, which does suit it better.

I unashamedly love Spitfire but about 10 years ago I was chatting to a band that was part of the early 90’s indie scene.  They told me that while there was much comradery between bands, Spitfire loved themselves a bit too much.  This caused them to be dislikes by the other bands on the scene.

This is a great debut and a much more mature release, but you can thankfully still smell the leather and cigarettes on it.

Spitfire : Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb
Minimal Love
Kiss Me
Free Machine
Wild Sunshine
Womb Child
Love Lover Loved













One thought on “Spitfire – Sex Bomb

  1. Spitfire were officially the 1st band I went to see live. October 1991. They were supporting Blur on the Leisure tour who i’d gone to see but was impressed with spitfire

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