Sonic Boom – Breezeblock 1998

In 1998 I was in my last year at University and I would spend most nights writing up notes and working on projects, I rediscovered music at this point with the help of Mogwai – Ten Rapid, Belle & Sebastian – Boy With the Arab Strap, Echo and The Bunnymen – Evergreen, 1998 was an exciting time musically.

It was also when I first started to really get into Spacemen 3, prior to this I found them a bit hard going, and there was a resurgence in interest in Spacemen 3 which led to a rather fine tribute album.  I started to listen to the radio every night Steve Lamacq and John Peel were the staple listening, but sometimes there was something good on the Mary-Ann Hobbs show. She would have a slot on her show called the Breezeblock which was a setlist of songs mixed by a mainstream, underground, famous or obscure artist.

This particular Breezeblock is a selection of ambient songs selected by Sonic Boom, I taped this from the radio and would listen to it in the car.  The song titles were not mentioned on the show, and I did not recognise any of the songs.  So I did not know who any of the artists were, in 1998 the internet was not widespread so there was no way to find out.  I brought a copy the brilliant compilation Spacelines from Sonic Boom’s E-store in 2004.  This involved emailing Sonic to to organise delivery and payment, so I took the opportunity to ask if he had the setlist to his Breezeblock.  He did not, and it was not until recently I discovered an mp3 version and a setlist.  Some of the songs are still not available on the internet such as Ordinary Sleep and Convex Structure.  

Sonic Boom Breezeblock

Splitting The Atom – Splitting the Atom
Skyray – Neptune Variations
Jessamine – Ordinary Sleep
Longstone – Convex Structure
Octal – Falling Without Reference
Fuxa – 3 CP
Peter Zinovieff – Agnus Dei (76)


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