Grabbel and The Final Cut – Just Not Today (Official Music Video)

Grabbel and The Final Cut have released the highly anticipated music video for Just Not Today, which was a single from the MMXVI.  The song was an ideal choice for a retro sixties pop video, the catchy lyrics and buoyant guitars give this a pop tune character.  Just add; “twist, shake” and “love”.

The dialogue at the beginning of the video is taken from first episode of the famous German TV show “Beat Club” from the sixties.  The German TV personality Wilhelm Wieben opened the first show with a short speech, incidentally Dave Lee Travis presented the show for a short time.  The show was originally produced by Radio Bremen, who helped the band with the original equipment to give the video a more authentic feel.  If you look carefully at the video you can see the retro microphones and other sixties paraphernalia.  The company that made the video was Beatvideo (the “beat” in their name is just coincidence).

Initially it reminded me of The Weezer video to Buddy Holly, I think it was the matching outfits and Stefan’s wig.  When questioned about this Grabbel and The Final Cut deny that they will appearing in  coordinated costumes at any forthcoming gigs.

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