Trembling Blue Stars – Lips That Taste of Tears

Another dose of wrenching heartbreak and despair. To add to the momentous sadness Bobby Wrattons’s former love and Field Mice member Anne Mari Davies appears here too. There are some electro touches here, namely Tailspin. This is a completely different level to the synth used on the The Field Mice’s Triangle. It is more of a house dance groove song than the Trembling Blue Stars having a cursory dance track. The album was engineered by Ian Catt (multi instrumentalist and Saint Etienne touring band member), and he is responsible for the new direction. The Rainbow has even some trip hop bleeps, which sit beautifully on the song and doesn’t seem out of place.

They still stick to their indiepop roots in Made for Each Other. It still doesn’t raise a smile, but is some of
the most beautiful music around.

Trembling Blue Stars : Lips That Taste of Tears

All I Never Said 
Never Loved You More
The Rainbow
Made For Each Other
Letter Never Sent
I’m Tired, I’ve Tried
You’ve Done Nothin Wrong Really
Old Photographs
Never Loved You More 2
Cecilia In Black And White
Farewell To Forever


4 thoughts on “Trembling Blue Stars – Lips That Taste of Tears

  1. I came into the whole Sarah Records thing late, so it took me a while to discover that out of the remnants of the Field Mice came Northern Picture Library, and then Trembling Blue Stars. This album blew me away. It’s so delicately but expertly crafted. One of my favorites.

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