Trembling Blue Stars – Broken By Whispers

The Trembling Blue Stars are lead by former Field Mice frontman and Northern Picture Library member Bobby Wratton. They were meant to be a one album side project, but such was the success of Her Handwriting the debut album, Wratton drafted a band.  The songs deal with Wratten’s deteriorating relationship and subsequent break-up with former girlfriend and Field Mice band member Annemari Davies.  A sensitive melodrama evolves in this album.

Just as Wratten seems locked in a relationship that no longer exists, the Trembling Blue Stars are in a Sarah Records time warp. This is not a bad thing in my view, but it is as if the last decade never happened.  It has the distinct qualities that your would expect from a former Field Mice member. Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise has a tiny piece of synth on it. To Leave It Now has a French voice over (slightly pretentious) . The whole album is mostly at a slow tempo, heart breaking lyrics, melancholy and very beautiful melodies.

What originally drew me to this album was the single from this Dark Eyes.  It was more radio friendly than the rest of the album and the most akin to The Field Mice

Dismissed by Pitchfork as fey-pop (I never rated that site).  Many other reviews cite this album as depressing; ‘oh come on’ I spent my pre-teens in a household that listened to Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan and then I discovered Joy Division.  This is not depressing.  But the psychiatric couch of Bobby Wratton

Trembling Blue Stars : Broken By Whispers

She Just Couldn’t Stay
Sometimes I Still Feel The Bruise
To Leave It Now
I No Longer Know Anything
Back To You
Birthday Girl
Snow Showers
Dark Eyes


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