Echo & the Bunnymen – Evergreen

Back in June this year I got to see Echo & the Bunnymen at Bristol supported by Peter Hook and the Jesus and Mary Chain.  It was a broad spectrum of songs from throughout their career.  I first got into the Bunnymen with this album.  At the time I found their 80s material a bit dated (my view on this changed in later years).

It has maturity, and at the time it was released the bands in the scene had none of this. It was welcomed into the charts and probably picked up fans who delved into the back catalogue. Evergreen came out in 1997 and the last previous album by the Bunnymen came out in 1988.

In retrospect it has been panned by reviewers, as too commercially safe indie by numbers.  At the time I loved the album as much as Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space, Ten Rapid and Boy with the Arab Strap.  All these classics were released at the same time.  But Evergreen does not enjoy as many plays as the others now.

I did enjoy Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant’s other 90s outfit Electrafixion.  This showcased some really driven guitar piece by Sergeant I think the Bunnymen reformed because of the name. There is a fanbase around the Bunnymen that Electrafixion could not get a foothold in.

The cover of the album is very similar to Crocodiles. This is not the only nod to their back catalogue, Just a Touch Away has an orchestral part which is very like their album Ocean Rain.  Unaccredited singer Liam Gallagher appeared on the album in Nothing Lasts Forever. This is the best song on the album but it has nothing to do with the appearance of Liam.

Echo & the Bunnymen : Evergreen

Don’t Let It Get You Down
In My Time
I Want To Be There (When You Come)
I’ll Fly Tonight
Nothing Lasts Forever
Baseball Bill
Just A Touch Away
Empire State Halo
Too Young To Kneel


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