Midway Still – I Won’t Try

In 2010 I saw Midway Still at the Cavern Club in Exeter.  The last time I had seen them was 18 years ago in Glastonbury in 1992 and at the Joiners Arms in Southampton in December 1991. It felt like the last 20 years had not happened.

Midway Still are well ’better than before’, excuse the pun. The years have been kinder to them than me. They quipped during the set, ’Hi, we were big in the early nineties, not a lot has changed since then Tories are still in power.’  It was a mixture of old and new songs. The new stuff is just as good as anything that they have done before.  I would urge anyone who likes Midway Still to go and buy the new album from Boss Tuneage.

They finished their set with their first single I Won’t Try.  After the show I was determined to get my hands on a Midway Still, Marks & Spencer parody T-Shirt.  This involved asking a band member. I always go to pieces if I have to speak to anyone that is an indie hero of mine.  I stopped Paul Thomson and asked to buy a t-shirt.  I said that I saw them 18 years ago. Paul told me that they were much tighter as a band now, this I truly believe.  Then I went to pieces and started jabbering on about the old days.


Midway Still : I Won’t Try

I Won’t Try


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