Chapterhouse – Mesmerise

After the debut album Reading’s Chapterhouse tried a different tack.  Mesmerise was unlike anything they had done previously and it marks a high point in their career.  The production was much clearer on this EP too

In the title track a piano tinkles at the beginning, soft electronic beats and trademark floaty vocals appear. It is a lazy hazy summers day of a song rather than the melancholic moods that were associated with indie music at this time.  Precious One is more like the Chapterhouse that we know and love, with the synth buried deeply in the song and the guitars at the forefront.  The guitar work does sound a bit like the Cocteau Twins.

Summer Chill has a paper thin feel with soft weak vocals perched on a delicate effervescent guitar wash and light percussion buried down deep. Then We’ll Rise finishes the EP on a more upbeat note with both acoustic and electric guitar, but the vocals are still quiet.

Chapterhouse : Mesmerise

Precious One
Summer Chill
Then We’ll Rise


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