The Bridewell Taxis – Lies

The debut flexi from the Leeds indie combo which was released in 1988.  The blue flexi-disc was self-released and given away free with a Wakefield fanzine which cost 20p.  It shows that they had much more in common with the Madchester scene than the Leeds indie scene which was mainly Cud and The Wedding Present.  The b-side (although this is the second song on a single-sided flexi) Just Good Friends does sound like Northside with a trombone.  It was the trombone that was the unique selling point and featured throughout their discography and set them apart from everyone else.  Lastly, I have been sadly been unable to find a link between the track Just Good Friends and the sitcom of the same name starring Paul Nicholas that finished just two years previous in 1986.

The Bridewell Taxis : Lies

Just Good Friends

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