The Pastels – Truckload of Trouble

Truckload Of Trouble is a compilation album by The Pastels, released in 1993. The album compiles songs from their early EPs and singles released between 1986 and 1993. This quite possibly is when the group was at its musical zenith. It is a dreamy discorded melody shambolic C86 experience with slurred vocals. This sound was influenced by The Smiths and the whole C86 punk ethos but would, in turn, influence My Bloody Valentine, Beat Happening, Belle and Sebastian, and a whole host of twee indie-pop acts. Borrowing a statement from allmusic, ‘a cohesive listen from start to finish.’

This is not a compilation of early singles to make a mini album like Ride’s Smile or Lush’s Gala. This is a whopper double album with 18 songs including, Baby Honey, Speedway Star, and Not Unloved are re-recorded versions as opposed to the original versions. This compilation is the third time they have recorded Baby Honey. The version of Crawl Babies is different from the that is included in Up for a Bit with The Pastels, it is longer, faster, and more upbeat.

The Pastels : Truckload of Trouble

Thank You For Being You
Thru’ Your Heart
Firebell Ringing
Kitted Out
Comin’ Through
Over My Shoulder
Truck Train Tractor
Crawl Babies
Nothing To Be Done
Different Drum
Not Unloved
Baby Honey
Speeding Motorcycle
Speedway Star
What You Said
Dark Side Of Your World
Sometimes I Think About You
Sign Across Me

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