Swervedriver – Ejector Seat Reservation

The third Swervedriver album had an unceremonious delivery into the world. When they presented the tapes to U.S. label A&M, they were told that they’d have to wait over a year to see it released. This was due to the labels busy schedule and other commitments. The band ended up split with the label. There UK label Creation released Ejector Seat Reservation but never really promoted the album. Creation made most of it’s money by licencing the band in the US and as they no longer had a stateside label there was not much point keeping them on. Creation dropped Swervedriver a week after the release of Ejector Seat Reservation.

The album is a psychedelic favoured Swervedriver with melodically driven tracks rather than the guitar effects heavy propulsion of the debut album Raise. They draw upon Raise for the inspiration for Son of a Jaguar ‘E’, but this a slow burning heavy track and not the cathartic desperate rush of Son of a Mustang Ford. How Does it Feel to Look Like Candy? Has the same vocal hook as Burt Bacharach’s Do You Know the Way to San Jose, a catch singalong chorus that deserved to be released as a single. The title track Ejector Seat Reservation is filled with psychedelic lyrics and the jangly steel guitars at the end add to the trippy feel as they sound similar to a sitar.

The album includes three untitled hidden tracks which were only available in the United Kingdom, these were later named.

Swervedriver : Ejector Seat Resevation

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Single Finger Salute
Bring Me The Head Of The Fortune Teller
The Other Jesus
Son Of Jaguar ‘E’
I Am Superman
Bubbling Up
Ejector Seat Reservation
How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy?
Last Day On Earth
The Birds
Plan 7 Star Satellite 10
[Unlisted – Silence]
Flaming Heart

One thought on “Swervedriver – Ejector Seat Reservation

  1. Actually, the ‘hidden tracks’ (except for “Silence”) had titles upon release. The bonus ‘dinked’ 7″ that came with the original Creation issue of the LP had the tracks titled on the labels.

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