The Verve – No Come Down

No Come Down is a nine-track compilation of early outtakes, b-sides and a live cut from The Verve. It was released in 1994 in the US to coincide with a spot on Lollapalooza second stage. This is a beautiful companion the the debut A Storm in Heaven.

The souring gorgeous melancholy of Where the Geese Go, is a gem. The lyrics are unintelligible, to give this an psychedelic analgesic effect. The opening lines of 6 O’Clock are, “Six o’clock and I’m wasted.’ Drug references have been apparent throughout The Verve’s career but this is there psychedelic period. Not tie dye clappy hippy psychedelia, this is like the band have been holed up with a sheet of black acid, powerful and disturbing.

The US mix of Blue lacks the the stirring vocals of the version on A Storm in Heaven and the whole mix seems a bit muddy and seriously lacks the clarity of the original. The stripped down version of Make It Till Monday is another standout track. The live version of Gravity Grave weighs in at ten minutes and is very intense. The album closes with meloncholic wistful Twilight. The opening bars of this track alway remind me of the music in ‘The Gallery’ which was in the childrens art tv show Take Hart in the late seventies and early eighties.

The Verve : No Come Down

No Come Down
Blue (USA Mix)
Make It ‘Til Monday (Acoustic)
Butterfly (Acoustic)
Where The Geese Go
6 O’Clock
One Way To Go
Gravity Grave (Live Glastonbury 93)

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